October 30, 2017

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Public Records
Index data is available from  05/03/1945 - Present
Images are available from     01/31/1933 - Present

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Documents recorded before October 30th, 2017 are searchable by book and page number

Documents recorded after October 30th, 2017 are searchable by instrument number beginning with the letter L

Internal Records
Index Data: from 08/01/2002 - Present
Images:       from 08/01/2002 - Present

Book Type Index From...  Images From...
Lis Pendens 10/01/2007 10/01/2007
Deeds 05/03/1945 01/31/1933
Liens 08/01/2002 08/01/2002
UCCs 09/30/2002 09/30/2002
Plats 11/09/1996 01/11/2000
Judgments 02/03/1992 11/01/1970
Mortgages 01/20/1970  01/20/1970

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