October 12, 2017


Electronic Recording – eRecording

Are you eRecording your land documents yet? If not, you are missing out
on the most cost effective, efficient, and secure method for recording
your land documents.

eRecording, is the process of transmitting real property documents
electronically to the local government entity charged with recording
and maintaining public records. The process is similar to traditional
recording except that documents are submitted within minutes without
ever leaving your home or office, and recorded documents are returned
back to you electronically within seconds after the recording process.

The Benton County Circuit Clerk’s Office has been eRecording since
2008. Currently, we are recording more than 90% of the county’s offcial
public records electronically.

Advantages of eRecording

  • Savings! Time, postage, labor, materials, consumption of fuel, electricity and courier costs.
  • Safer! Security encryption, less fraudulent, fewer document errors and rejections, along with document tracking.
  • Faster! Faster recording of the documents and faster problem resolution.
  • Streamlined Payment! Elimination of payment errors as funds are
  • transferred using Automated Clearing House (ACH) for the recording fees
  • and a nominal fee that is paid to the vendor for this process.
  • Tracking! Improved tracking of documents. Never again will you lose
  • sight of your documents as you can know exactly when your documents are submitted, viewed, rejected and/or recorded.

Getting Started

The Benton County Circuit Clerk’s Office is pleased to offer eRecording
through the vendors listed below. Please note that the Benton County
Circuit Clerk’s Once is prohibited from recommending any certain
vendor. For your convenience, we have included a hyperlink to the
vendors so that you may easily research each in order to determine
which vendor best suits your personal and/or professional needs:
CSC – www.erecording.com
eRecording Partners Network – www.GOePN.com | sales@GOePN.com
Simplifile – www.simplifile.com

Processing Schedule

eRecorded documents will be recorded between the hours of
8:00am- 4:15pm. All documents received after 4:15pm CST will be
processed the following business day.

For more information, please feel free to contact
Brenda DeShields, Benton County Circuit Clerk/Recorder
or Jennifer Joyner, Recorder’s Office-Administrator
We can both be contacted at (479)271-1017.