October 26, 2017

E-recording FAQ

What is e-recording?
A method of electronically delivering and returning documents between submitter and recorder.

What are the benefits of e-recording ?

Receiving recorded document quickly
Reduced cost
Less rejected documents
Fast turn around time for the submitter and client

Is it legal to e-record?

E-Recording is legal and accepted by lenders, underwriters and government.

How do I start e-recording?

*Please contact your eRecording vendor; SimpliFile, Corporation Service Company, Indecomm Global Services,
eRecording Partners Network or Electronic Document Logistics to get the process started for eRecording.

How do I pay recording cost for e-recording?

Recording fees through e-recording are paid by ACH bank draft. All you will need is the routing and
account number for which you wish to use for recording fees.